Dr. Andrew S. Miller, O.D.

Welcome to the private practice of Dr. Andrew S. Miller, O.D., optometrist. As you may already know, our optometric practice offers a wide variety of services and products--contact lens exams, routine eye exams and eye exams for people with special needs. We are always on the cutting edge of technology, such as computerized prescription analysis, digital retinal photography, and computerized corneal topography. We are licensed to not only dispense contact lenses and glasses, but treat eye diseases such as pink eye and glaucoma, perform laser vision consultations and provide all pre- and post-op care. With over 10,000 contact lenses in stock, the vast majority of patients walk out with their contact lenses the same day. Our in office glasses lab allows us to provide 1 hour service in many cases. We accept most vision plans and are always happy to provide adjustments for free. We also provide the latest in breakthrough materials for contact lenses, including new revolutionary bifocal or multifocal contacts, bifocal contacts for astigmatism and always the newest materials and designs for glasses and lenses, including advanced 'no-line' bifocals.

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